Millennium Airship has created SkyFreighter

SkyFreighter will create a paradigm shift in the aviation and trans-oceanic freight industry with the ability to transport most any product almost anywhere on the globe safely and quickly and most importantly, at very low cost.

This will eliminate the need for manufacturers to design and build large industrial equipment in pieces small enough to be transported over roads, etc., thus further reducing costs to the equipment manufacturer and ultimately their customers.

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The heavy lift SkyFreighter comes in multiple sizes to fit the job, from smaller carriers to get to tight locations, to larger aircraft designed for long distance cargo carrying. The main advantages are the ability to land on any terrain, including water, where conventional aircraft cannot go, or even conventional land vehicles.

MAS recognize that the world requires a revolutionary hybrid heavy lift Airship to fulfill 21st Century transformation mission requirements. These requirements result in the need for an air vehicle that can provide heavy lift global reach transport of varying weights, sizes and volume.

MAS will start with a 50 ton lift vehicle and will base the production of larger air vehicles on future demands; however we have already been queried on a 500 ton lift vehicle. Once the 50 ton vehicle is designed and in initial testing a decision will be made on larger sizes.