SkyFreighter , a heavy lift air vehicle, will create a paradigm shift in the aviation and trans-oceanic freight industry, with the ability to transport most any product almost anywhere on the globe safely, quickly, and most importantly, at a very low cost. The key feature of this all-weather aircraft is that it’s so maneuverable that it can operate in and out of virtually anywhere (land or sea) where there is enough space to accommodate its size.

SkyFreighter   eliminates the need for manufacturers to design and build large industrial equipment in pieces small enough to be transported over roads, etc., thus further reducing costs to the equipment manufacturer and ultimately, their customers.

Current Industry Problems:

  • Underdeveloped areas not accessible
  • Existing traffic systems overburdened
  • Supply chain requires multiple transfers
  • Intermediaries overstock in supply chain
  • Unsatisfactory information flow
  • Inadequate security at transfer points
  • Expensive and untimely delivery of goods
  • High cost of conducting business

SkyFreighter Solutions

  • Global access point-to-point on land or water
  • Requires little to no infrastructure at reception
  • Minimizes intermodal cargo transfers
  • Eliminates overstock or backorders in supply chain
  • Creates closed loop information flow
  • Improves security start to finish
  • Reduces delivery costs and time required
  • Increases profit margins


Check out the SkyFreighter Canada website, as well