Alliant Techsystems Inc. (ATK) – Carbon Fiber experts Core competencies: As you travel across their Internet site, you will see a company that is undergoing a dramatic strategic transformation as they build on market leadership positions in their core businesses – conventional munitions  and rocket motors – to grow as a leading provider of advanced weapon and space systems. They are integrating their  core business capabilities with leading-edge technologies gained over the course of six acquisitions since 2002 – a strategy that has enabled them to expand from being a component supplier to a subsystem, systems-level, and prime contractor in precision weapons and space systems. Their ability to successfully compete against larger, more established companies in our industry is due in large measure to our size and speed. Unlike their competition, they are not dependent upon large platforms or programs of record that often constrain the ability to think out of the box. As a result, they are able to bring to the market non-traditional approaches to the way business has always been done in the industry – and they do so with speed and innovation. ATK is on the move. They have the people, strategy, agility, and products to thrive in a highly dynamic national security and space environment. The company is the world’s leading supplier of solid rocket motors and the nation’s largest manufacturer of ammunition.


International Latex Corporation (ILC) Dover – Envelope experts Core competencies: Since 1947, ILC has been active in the design and development of products for both customer and industry. Most ILC products are comprised of softgoods materials – products that are flexible by nature and result in innovative solutions to customer problems. Whether protecting personnel in hostile environments, containing potent powder pharmaceuticals, or developing unique inflatable devices, ILC’s record of performance is enviable. By drawing from a blend of highly qualified personnel and a sound base of both proven and innovative technologies (the same attributes that helped us put man on the moon and rovers on Mars), ILC Dover continues to develop reliable hardware and unique soft goods. Their Department of Defense, commercial, and NASA customers rely heavily on ILC’s multi-disciplined technical expertise to provide inventive solutions for a wide range of applications. Man landed on the moon – they created the spacesuit. Researchers develop wonder drugs – they aid in safe production. Rovers explore Mars – they help them land safely.


ATHENA Controls, Inc. – Flight controls / software experts Core competencies: Athena Technologies provides advanced hardware and software solutions – from design through integration – for military and commercial unmanned vehicle applications that demand the highest degree of reliability and robustness. Combining vision and proven technology, Athena’s solutions are able to control many broad ranging systems to help customers gather information, execute military missions, save time, cut costs and save lives. With expertise in producing and implementing flight control and navigation systems for Tactical UAVs, Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles (UCAVs), Micro Aerial Vehicles (MAVs), Organic Aerial Vehicles (OAVs), target drones, missiles and robots, they are the specialists in this industry.


AGILIS Engineering, Inc. – Engine / propulsion experts Core competencies: Since its founding in 1993, Agilis has been dedicated to providing engineering services which add real value to our customers. Agilis Engineering, Inc. specializes in most aspects of gas turbine engineering from engine conceptual studies, aerodynamic, structural and mechanical design through hardware procurement, assembly, instrumentation and engine/rig test support and test data analysis. Agilis purchases several million dollars worth of development/test hardware each year for their customers, through their manufacturing and test supplier management system. Leveraging Agilis’ experience to exceed customer expectations is at the heart of what they do. Agilis’ technical staff average over 20 years experience and include world renowned experts in the industry. Combining this talent with Program Managers responsible for guiding progress and insuring overall satisfaction on every customer program distinguishes Agilis from their competitors. In 2002, Agilis added to its unique engine test and instrumentation capabilities by launching Agilis Measurement Systems, Inc. offering a full line of Non-intrusive Stress Measurement System (NSMS) products and services, also known as blade tip timing, Agilis Measurement Systems, Inc. provides state-of-the-art solutions for measuring and analyzing high cycle fatigue blade vibrations and engine health monitoring. The Quality of their services and products is considered paramount towards achieving and maintaining satisfied Customers.


MDS Aero Support Corporation – Engineering testing/certification Core competencies: MDS Aero Support Corporation is an engineering-based organization whose primary focus is the supply of test facilities and test systems for aviation, industrial, and marine gas turbine engines. Certified to both ISO 9001 and 14001 standards, MDS has supplied turnkey engine test facilities, test support equipment, data acquisition systems, and engineering services to a variety of industries and organizations around the globe for the past 19 years. With a core staff of 200 individuals of which 75% consist of engineers and technologists experienced in a wide range of engineering disciplines, MDS provides clients with a single source for all their engineering and project requirements. MDS’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction combined with our expertise with both classical engineering techniques and advanced engineering tools ensures MDS customers receive reliable, state of the art, cost effective solutions.