Team Profiles

The Management/Consulting Team

Millennium Airship Inc. is committed to excellence and will continue to assemble a strong, talented team of key individuals with diversified skills and superior experience.

Gil Costin
Founder/President & CEO Mr. Costin is a commercial pilot with 31 years of aviation, marketing and executive corporate development experience with Daystar Corporation, Dallas, Texas, and 9018 Corporation, Portland, Oregon. Mr. Costin has been associated in the lighter-than-air business for over ten years. He has prepared multiple marketing studies for various customers including Lockheed Martin. Mr. Costin designed and has patented the ITAMMS ThrustWing concept that is key to the maneuverability of SkyFreighter Product Line. The ThrustWing will contain three modes of propulsion: the first will be forward thrust derived from a form of a fan jet. The second is thrust required for the VTOL operation, which presently will be a propeller system imbedded in the outer portion of the wing. The third thrust requirement is for directional control which will be provided by a port out the wing tip. The exact source for propulsion has not been determined. While the inboard wing section is stationary, the outer portion will rotate to provide varying degrees of VTOL thrust.

Brandon A Fausti
Vice President of Business Development Mr. Fausti is a commercial pilot, instructor, and businessman challenging paradigms on a global scale. Earning a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Political Science from the United States Naval Academy, Brandon continued his education most recently completing a Master’s in Business Administration at the Keller School of Management. Continuing with a second Master’s Degree in Project Management. Brandon intends on gaining the Project Management Professional certification from the Project Management Institute. Most recently, Brandon increased savings and operational efficiencies involving billions of dollars of heavy equipment, rigs and wells as Chesapeake Energy’s Peak Move Process Project Manager. Brandon continues to deliver ahead of schedule, under budget with better than expected results. Brandon spends his free time developing fabrication prototypes for several industrial sectors and has commenced a non-profit organization chartered to assist disabled veterans in leading healthy, productive and successful lives. Brandon resides in Oakland CA.

Dr. Don Richardson
Consulting Engineer Dr. Don Richardson is an Honorary Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) and a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS) with over 62 years of technical and managerial experience as an aeronautical engineer and commercial instrument rated pilot.  He was President of AIAA in 2004-2005, and is currently on the RAeS Engineering Council and the Board of Trustees.  His experience encompasses aircraft design, flight testing, and air traffic control system engineering analysis both in the United States and internationally in Europe and Asia. Until his retirement from SAIC in 2005, Dr. Richardson was an SAIC Corporate Vice President with concurrent responsibility for management of the Air transportation Systems Operation. 

Chris Vetters
Director, Design and Engineering Support Mr. Vetters has 20+ years experience in automotive and aviation design and engineering. He is currently on loan to the Social Security Administration, as a CAD training specialist.